Clean Water – 3 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Summer

Summertime is a wonderful time of year filled with long days by the pool, taking a long-overdue vacation, picnics in the park, and working in the yard. No matter what part of summer you enjoy best, there is a good chance clean, refreshing water will be a part of it. As you plant your favorite flowers or plan for summer vacation, it is an excellent time to ensure your home has clean water.

3 Ways To Prepare For Clean Water All Summer

  • Check your filters
  • Stock up on salt for your water softener
  • Have your water tested

Check Your Filters

It seems as though filters are everywhere. Filters for your home’s air conditioner, automobile, pool, hot tub, refrigerator, and water softener. The list of filters to replace is long, and it can be challenging to keep up with them. Preparing for your summer activities is an excellent time to ensure your home has clean water filters. This is a great time to take an inventory, order extras, and change out old, dirty filters.

Check Your Water Softener

Water softeners are fantastic devices that provide clean water for the entire family. Whether you are preparing for outdoor activities, cutting the grass, or opening the pool, it is easy to overlook regular maintenance. One of the essential ingredients in keeping your softener working properly is ensuring it has enough salt. As you are planning summertime activities, take a few minutes to check your inventory and put water softener salt on your shopping list. Doing so will ensure your water softener is ready for the summertime.

Have Your Water Tested

Everyone’s home is somewhat different, but what most of us can all benefit from is knowing what is in our home’s water. Whether your water comes from a public water system or a private well, regular testing of your water is crucial to providing clean, refreshing water. While there are DIY(do it yourself) testing options, TWB highly recommends having your water professionally tested. The details provided by a certified lab are an invaluable resource to any home or business.

As you prepare for summer, set yourself a reminder to check all filters, add water softener salt to your shopping list, and schedule a time for TWB to test your home’s water. If all of this has you feeling overwhelmed, give TWB a call. We are happy to be a resource in ensuring your home has clean water.

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