Water Filtration – 4 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Water

In the U.S., the month of August is known for extreme heat and kids returning to the classroom. It shifts the focus for many families from vacation or lazy summer days to academic studies. Likewise, for households, August can be a time to refocus efforts on improving essential services such as clean water. Whether you recently moved in or you want to improve your existing home, there are 4 ways to improve your home’s water.

Home Filtration Scenarios:

  • Recent move
  • Existing home

Recent Move

Summer is a popular time for families to move to a new home. This time is exciting, but it also can be overwhelming. It is common for homeowners to discover issues after moving into a house. Whether cosmetic or functional, home improvement projects can quickly pile up.

Existing Home

Maybe you moved in months or years ago but have yet to address water quality issues. Sometimes it is hard to see the projects before moving day. Often urgent tasks force others down the list. Our team understands these challenges and can help put together a plan for your home.

4 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Water

Regardless of how long you have been in your home, there are 4 ways to improve your home’s water, including treating hard water, well water, improving drinking water, and pool filtration.

Common Areas

  • Hard Water
  • Well Water Treatment
  • Drinking Water
  • Pool Filtration

Hard Water

Whether experiencing new or existing hard water issues, addressing them is vital to your home’s health. Maybe you have noticed a white substance called scale build-up on faucets or dishes. Perhaps you have stains in sinks, toilets, or bathtubs, making them hard to clean. While these are just a few common signs, there may be other signs of hard water in your home.

Well Water

Knowing who to turn to or what to do can be challenging if your home has a well. While well water is not new, many well owners can find themselves at a loss when considering their responsibilities. The Water Biz is here to help new and experienced well owners. Whether you need help with testing or treatment or want to know your options, contact The Water Biz today!

Drinking Water

When many people think of water quality for a home, their mind immediately goes to drinking water. The most prominent factors in drinking water for many are safety and taste. And while safe, great-tasting drinking water is essential, the impact of drinking water quality can be seen in cooking, baking, and brewing tea and coffee, to name a few.

The Water Biz has a wide range of products and services to provide safe, refreshing water to your home. Regardless if your goal is brewing a better cup of coffee or improving the taste of your drinking water, The Water Biz is here to help!

Pool Filtration

As summer winds down and kids head off to school, filtering your pool might not be the first item on your list of priorities. Still, maintaining a pool’s filtration system is vital to keeping water clean in the last remaining months of the pool season. The Water Biz is here to help with your pool or spa’s filtration system needs.

Your Next Step

As kids return to the classroom and fall inches closer, take a few minutes to consider the filtration needs for your home. Clean water will benefit everyone in your home.

Is the idea of another project overwhelming? Contact The Water Biz.

At The Water Biz, we want to help you provide clean water for your home. Our team of experts can outline practical steps toward clean water solutions for your home! Not sure where to start? No problem! Our team has your back.

Was your issue not one of the 4 ways to improve your home’s water? Contact us!

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